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Improving your life by removing blockages? Don't compromise your results by living in negative energy!

Add to your Guided Blockage Clearing and Balancing Sessions!

If you're trying to improve your life and investing time into your health and well-being by removing blockages, don't compromise your results by living and/or working in negative energy.

Energies in your home originate from other people's thoughts and actions or from your own thoughts and actions. This includes any person who might have lived or worked in the space before you. So if a couple lived in your home for 20 years and spent the last 15 years fighting - you are living in their thought residue.

If the space is filled with love and positive thought energy, that's fantastic. You can just relax and enjoy life.

However, if those living or working in the space have been generating thoughts that are not positive because of physical ailments, mental health issues, work stress, grief, relationship issues, family problems, financial issues, etc. - that's not good.

So the energy in a living or work space depends on who spends time in that space. If enough of the energy is dark and heavy (which is what a negative thought becomes as it builds layer upon layer) then it can give you physical symptoms such as headaches, aches and pains and it can even make you feel sick to your stomach.

It can affect how you think and how you feel about yourself and others. You can feel sluggish and tired. In fact, the home or space itself can feel hot and stuffy.

You want to ensure that anything that you're feeling or experiencing in your life isn't coming from the negative energy in which you live or work.

If you're removing energy blockages from your body, you want to ensure that you're doing as much as possible to support your efforts.

You don't want to have the energy in your home or work space influence you so you're re-creating the blockages being removed.

You want to spend time in energy that is going to promote health and wellness.

You want to breathe in energy that is going to help you be creative, be determined, achieve your goals, energize you and help you have the best life possible.

Living in a negative-free environment can benefit everyone in that space! You're more productive and more focused when it comes to your day-to-day activities when you don't have to deal with unwanted energies.

You start fresh each day because unwanted energies are not allowed to build up and affect you or your loved ones.

The cleansing and protection doesn't change your life experiences, but it can make learning your lessons and going through life events easier because you aren't having to deal with negative energy that can influence you.

So how do you do this? Can you do this? You can certainly do this on your own, however it takes time and is something that needs to be maintained. It's not a "do it once and never again" exercise. So if you don't want to worry about having to do it, try another solution and let someone else do the work for you!

No experience needed!

You don't need to learn any technique! You don't even have to understand how it all works!

You just need to live life to the very best you can.

Read more about this service at: Daily Distance Home Cleansing & Protection or Daily Distance Work Space Cleansing & Protection..

Order up to 6 Months Home Cleansing & Protection - $11.00* per person/per month

Order up to 6 Months Work Space Cleansing & Protection - $11.00* per person/per month
Renew this Service Using Credits: You now use Credits to pay for renewals only (existing Client #'s) by logging into your Account and clicking on the Redeem Credits tab. Click on the appropriate product for "Aura CandP Client #1", "Aura CandP Client #2", "Aura CandP Client #3" or "Aura CandP Client #4".

Each time you click on the product, 11 Credits are deducted from your total Credits and 1 Month of Aura CandP is added to the Client #'s expiry date. So if you want to order 3 months of Aura CandP for Client #2, find the product for "Aura CandP Client #2" and click on it 3 times. If you do that, 33 Credits are deducted from your Credit total and 3 months are added to Client #2's expiry dates.

To see who is currently listed at Client #1, Client #2, etc., login to your account and click on the "Customer Profile" tab. Scroll down and you'll see the fields "Aura - Client #1 Name:" and "Aura - Client #1 Expiry", etc. If you have a renewal notice, it will say which Client # is due for renewal.

"Hi Wendy, I can't thank you enough for the home cleansings! We moved into a house not knowing it would be any different than any other ordinary house, we found out very quickly that we were very wrong. I believe my angels guided me to the Oralin website as I had no where & no one to turn to & needed help fast right after moving in. / At that time I had no idea what a home cleansing was, that you could have it done without the person being there physically & wasn't sure I trusted anything I found online. I went with my gut instinct which was that I had a good feeling about Oralin. It was the best move I could have possibly made. Wendy's home cleansings have made an incredible difference every month & have made our home live-able. We always notice a difference (not for the better) if I let time lapse between ordering the next one. Not everyone needs a home cleansing every month, but however often you decide to have one, it will always remove negative energies & everyone in the household will benefit. Not only is it such a positive outcome, but it's affordable too. I highly recommend this! Tami, 2016

"Wendy, I was trying to remember when I first found you on Oralin. It was late nineties, I believe. It all began with a reading which progressed to healing sessions and home clearing and protection AND aura cleansing and protection. You guys have never let me down. I hope you know how much you have helped me over the years. Sometimes I can be experiencing a moment or event and remember something I learned from you and it helps me make it through. Then there is the fact that I am still here and that says quite a bit, don't you think? Please know how much I appreciate you and all those with you. Blessings of Peace and Love" - Darlene (USA) (08/31/2016)

* All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Applicable GST/HST taxes are added at Checkout for Canadian Residents. Prices subject to change without notice at any time.

Refund Policy

No refunds. Wendy guarantees to spend up to one hour removing any energy you might have generated or picked up throughout the day and then reinforce the cleansing with a protection. She is not responsible for you opening yourself up to taking on more energy or for what you generate through your own thoughts. 

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