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Taking the time to change your life by removing blockages? Don't compromise your results by adding daily negative thoughts to your energy!

Add to your Guided Blockage Clearing and Balancing Sessions!

If you're taking the time to change your life by removing blockages, don't compromise your results by adding daily negative thoughts to your energy.

These daily negative thoughts can be generated by you or you can even pick up thoughts from others! So if you are in the middle of an argument with someone, any bad thoughts they think about you can actually affect your energy and you can take it on and make it your own influencing all aspects of your life.

In Spirit, thoughts are energy and thoughts are "things". Thoughts that are negative in nature create a cloud in your personal energy. This cloud of energy can build over time and worst of all, it can influence your life daily - EVEN if you are not having the experience that caused the thoughts. So it can be hours or days later and those thoughts that are sitting in your energy can be affecting what your doing and how you are thinking. Crazy, isn't it?

When you suffer in any way, you typically generate thoughts that are not positive and your thoughts can be extreme.

Some people have thoughts about wishing they were no longer alive.

Some are angry at the how much they are suffering.

Some resent what they are experiencing.

Some are jealous that others are not suffering and adopt a "why me" attitude.

Some have the "what's the point of living" attitude.

Those who are grieving feel like their hearts are breaking.

If another person is involved or seen as being the source of the suffering - there can be thoughts of hate and revenge generated. You know that none of these thought patterns are good for you.

Now, if you only have this thought once, it's not a big deal. However, if you are in (or have been through) a situation that is chronic or consistent and you have the same type of thoughts day after day - that's a HUGE problem!

The influence of those thoughts can make life more of a challenge. It can make decision-making harder. It can make it more difficult to enjoy the moment.

Those thoughts can influence any other thoughts you're having and bring a down or negative tone to them. You might find yourself wondering why you can't enjoy life or why you can't enjoy a moment that's supposed to be enjoyed. Sometimes, it's the influence of those old thoughts clouding your current thoughts.

Over time, those thoughts can build to the point of becoming a blockage which actually prevents the flow of energy throughout your physical or emotional body and you don't want that.

This Distance Energy Cleansing and Protection gets rid of any thoughts you've generated or picked up from others throughout the day preventing thought "build-up".

It also places an energy protection around you which helps to keep you from picking up other people's energy.

You are always free to think as you choose, but the thoughts that you've generated in the moment or that you've picked up from someone else can affect future thoughts and ways of living.

So what can you do about it? Is there a solution?

Yes, there is a very easy way to solve this problem ... Don't let those negative thoughts build up in your energy! Get rid of them daily.

If you don't want to worry about doing this for yourself or don't know how to do it for yourself, get Distance Aura Cleansing and Protection.

No experience needed!

You don't need to learn any technique! You don't even have to understand how it all works!

You just need to live life to the very best you can. You are NOT deprived of feeling that you should be feeling. You feel what is necessary to ensure progression on your life path. The clearing only removes what is allowed to be removed and what has not formed into a true blockage yet.

Read more about this service at: Daily Distance Aura Cleansing & Protection.

Order up to 6 Months Cleansing & Protection - $11.00* per person/per month
Renew this Service Using Credits: You now use Credits to pay for renewals only (existing Client #'s) by logging into your Account and clicking on the Redeem Credits tab. Click on the appropriate product for "Aura CandP Client #1", "Aura CandP Client #2", "Aura CandP Client #3" or "Aura CandP Client #4".

Each time you click on the product, 11 Credits are deducted from your total Credits and 1 Month of Aura CandP is added to the Client #'s expiry date. So if you want to order 3 months of Aura CandP for Client #2, find the product for "Aura CandP Client #2" and click on it 3 times. If you do that, 33 Credits are deducted from your Credit total and 3 months are added to Client #2's expiry dates.

To see who is currently listed at Client #1, Client #2, etc., login to your account and click on the "Customer Profile" tab. Scroll down and you'll see the fields "Aura - Client #1 Name:" and "Aura - Client #1 Expiry", etc. If you have a renewal notice, it will say which Client # is due for renewal.

"Hi Wendy, I have found your monthly aura cleansing & protection services crucial to my children's well being who are empath's. If you are sensitive to energy around you & tend to "pick up" other people's feelings & moods, this service will greatly benefit you. It helps anyone, but if you are an empath - this is a must!" - Tami, USA (2016)

"My experience with the Home, Work and Personal Cleansings has been life changing for me. Why you ask? Well I am very sensitive to my environment Home, Work, Shopping etc. I found myself very confused about what my true feelings were about things, situations etc. I now find it easier to differentiate between what my feelings are about things and situations and what I am picking up from others. When I first did these cleansings for a couple of months I felt ok that's enough then stopped. Then I started to feel areas of my life returning to confusion again. So I started again. I believe it takes times for these areas of your life to need cleansing. It does not happen overnight. With consistency you do start to feel the change and it makes it easier to do the work you need to do whatever that may be." - CJ, Canada (2016)

"Wendy, I was trying to remember when I first found you on Oralin. It was late nineties, I believe. It all began with a reading which progressed to healing sessions and home clearing and protection AND aura cleansing and protection. You guys have never let me down. I hope you know how much you have helped me over the years. Sometimes I can be experiencing a moment or event and remember something I learned from you and it helps me make it through. Then there is the fact that I am still here and that says quite a bit, don't you think? Please know how much I appreciate you and all those with you. Blessings of Peace and Love" - Darlene (USA) (08/31/2016)

* All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Applicable GST/HST taxes are added at Checkout for Canadian Residents. Prices subject to change without notice at any time.

Refund Policy

No refunds. Wendy guarantees to spend up to one hour removing any energy you might have generated or picked up throughout the day and then reinforce the cleansing with a protection. She is not responsible for you opening yourself up to taking on more energy or for what you generate through your own thoughts. 

*GST/HST: 82040672 RT0001
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