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Your Trick or Treat Message (By Email)

Your Trick or Treat Message (By Email)

Your Trick or Treat Message!

One of the traditions of Halloween is to dress up in your costume and go knocking on someone's door. When they open it - they give you a treat! This tradition is normally for the young ones, but this special is for those of you who are a bit older but still want that treat!

This is a reading special that is a bit different in that it is more like an in-depth story or a guided meditation for you. The journey begins with you walking up to the house. You knock on the door and someone opens it and gives you a treat.

The person answering the door could be anyone - your soulmate, someone you knew that passed over to the Other Side, someone that is currently alive and in your life, a Spirit Guide, a Spirit Teacher, an Angel, a past incarnation associate - anyone! The treat is a message specifically for you!

Sounds straightforward, but it can have a twists and turns to it as Wendy discovered when she did her sample reading... 

I approach the house and it is a very large white Victorian-looking building. There is a long path leading up to the house. There are many Halloween decorations on both sides of the path - mostly skeletons. There are lights on in every window. There appears to be a party happening as I can see people milling about inside the house. I can also hear music playing, laughter, and people talking.

I knock on the door and the Divine Mary opens the door. I can't see her very well, but she sounds very pleased to see me and she is inviting me into the house. I say that I'm just here to receive the treat and she says I must come in to get it.

She is dressed in a costume and she has a drink in her hand. She is wearing a white, glittery angel/princess-type outfit. It seems to flow around her and it shimmers. The dress has long sleeves and flows to the floor. She also has a white, feathery halo over her head that glows gold. There is a gold shimmer to her outfit as well that depending on how she moves. I get the impression she is dressed like an Angel, but it is more than that - it almost has the feel of a fairy godmother to it.

She takes me aside and says that the house represents my journey. The long path up to the house is the path I have walked over the years. The skeletons represent the energy of the past and that those energies are dead and gone and have left the Earthly realm.

The white Victorian house is my new level of energy. It is Victorian because it represents a time in history that is special to me and very significant. The inside feels very comforting.

I look around and many people are walking around and they are all dressed up. They are very happy and seem to be enjoying themselves. She tells me these are those who will be involved in the next part of my path.

She tells me to hold out my hand and I do. I feel her put something into my hand. This is my treat. I open my eyes and look at my hand and I see a rather large diamond ring. She says that this is the diamond ring I was given years ago in Spirit and now it is manifesting in physical. It represents all of the dreams and hopes and desires I have. It tells me that all that I was told will come true. It is a promise that was made to me. 

She stands aside and a man steps forward. She says, "This is your soulmate. He is ready in physical to come into your life. He is just waiting for you now." A man steps forward and he is dressed in brown - like a tree or something in nature. I get the impression of a lumberjack - strong and solid. "He is in your life to ground you," she says. I cannot see his face. "He will always keep you balanced and help you live in physical and to enjoy the time you must spend here."

He holds out his hand and I take it. As I do this, I see a pair of silver handcuffs appear on his wrist and my wrist joining us together. "You are each other's protection," she says. "Till death do you part for that is written." He takes the diamond ring from me and gets down on one knee. Then he places the ring on my finger and he said, "Promises fulfilled."

There is no word or time limit to this reading - Wendy writes down whatever comes through.

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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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