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Client #1 - Distance Negative Energy Clearing/Removal

Client #1 - Distance Negative Energy Clearing/Removal

An Easy Way to Ensure you are Free From Negative Energy that Drains You, Weakens Your Body, Affects Your Thoughts and Creates Additional Stress in Your Life and the Lives of Those you Love.

Feeling overly tired? Are you doing a lot of negative self-talk? Maybe you're just thinking negative thoughts about others. Do you feel like you are having a constant internal struggle with yourself?

It could feel like you are living in a world of self-doubt - always questioning your life and finding the answers seem to be leading you nowhere or into a darker part of your mind.

It's very possible that you have negative energy attached to you that is causing much more stress in your life and affecting it in ways you never thought it could.

However, you can change your life by removing these dark energies without having to do a thing. Wendy is now offering a new service in which negative energy that be affecting you are removed. This is a monthly service done daily. 

If fact, if you have negative energy in you at this moment, it's very possible that you'll feel icky tingles in your body or notice you have thoughts of doubt that make you think "I'm okay, I don't have to do anything". 

Negative energy can influence your thoughts so you don't do any energy healings or clearings! It wants to keep you in the same state of mind.

Introducting a New Type of Negative Energy...

The Ascension Energy brought with it a new type of negative energy. This is a very dark energy and it can affect you in ways old negative energy did not. 

This type of energy has the ability to feed off other negative energy you might have picked up or generated such as fear, hate, greed, jealousy, depression, grief, sadness - any emotion that has come about as a result of negative thinking.

To receive this service, you don't need special experience!
You don't need to learn any techniques!
You don't even have to understand how it all works...
You just need to live life to the very best of your ability.

How Negative Energy Influences Your Life

Your negative thoughts (which are generated by your life issues and experiences) creates negative energy that is very attractive to this new type of negative energy, which is just floating around Spirit looking for those who are negative in thought.

Sensitive people or Empaths can even feel this energy as a sharp pain if it starts to affect you. When influencing you, this negative energy does a great deal of damage.

It drains your energy and weakens your spiritual body making you very tired and susceptible to physical and mental illness. So it damages your energy. 

It can create pain in your body. It is normal for this energy to enter your body through the the neck, back and shoulders (but it can enter at any weak area on the body).

This negative energy influences you by encouraging more negative thoughts and planting seeds of doubt meant to create chaos in your life. 

It makes you respond to those you love or who are in your life by creating thoughts that you mistake for your own that have you reacting in a way that disrupts your relationship.

It weighs or pulls down your energy making your vibration lower.

It tempts you to do things you should not and can affect any changes you are trying to make in life (ie. overcoming an addiction, making decisions, taking care of yourself, etc.)

It interferes with your connection to the Divine.

This negative energy affects your life in many undesirable ways.
It is are not going away and seems to be flourishing and affecting anyone and then it spreads to others.

This Service is Meant for You Especially If...

  • You are an Empath, Sensitive or developing your abilities.
  • You are going through something in your life that is very challenging. For example, relationship issues, financial struggles, problems with work/career, health problems or if you are generally living in a state of fear because of what is happening in your life or the world.
  • You are around people who are negative in nature. Negative thinking/acting people typically have this type of energy already and then it can transfer to you. 
  • You have a pain in a specific part of your body that can be sharp and often found in the neck, shoulders, back (those are the typical areas this energy is found, but not the only areas)
  • You work or frequent an area that is generally known as negative in nature - a rough area or a place with many unhappy people such as a hospital, medical facility, prison or correction center, unemployment office, funeral home, etc.
  • You frequent any place with many people as there is more chance of others having negative energy  (school, workplace, sporting event, restaurant, bars, etc.). You never know what a person is thinking and what they are going through in life even in a place that appears happy.
  • You go for walks, use public transit or visit places where many people go such as parks, museums, the zoo, concerts, shopping malls, etc. Even if you don't see a lot of people, but know that many people frequent the area, this energy can be in Spirit left over by people who have been there before.
  • You don't have the time or knowledge to clear this negative energy yourself but know you are often exposed to negative people.

It does not matter if you have protected your space, your negative thoughts invite this type of negative energy.

Some Benefits of this Service...

Removal of negative energy makes life less stressful. It gives you a chance to deal with your issues without adding extra pressures to your life. When you limit those negative thoughts and get rid of the drain on your energy life can change in many ways...

  • Your thoughts become more peaceful changing your emotions so they are not as dark.
  • Your relationships can improve because not having the additional negative thoughts makes it easier to communicate and solve issues.
  • You'll find it easier to make decisions because you won't have as many doubts or thoughts being fed to you by the entities.
  • You can become more productive and focused when it comes to living your life to the fullest because the drain on your energy from them stops.
  • You'll be able to have the best spiritual development experiences because development is limited when you are influenced by negative energy of any kind.
  • You'll have a stronger connection to the Divine Source which is an pure energy without negativity.
  • Your health can improve and you might find you have more energy.

"This service is more than 5! Wendy has a very powerful and God given gift. My mom is feeling much, much better. Her sciatica improved greatly. After the first session, she felt everything. It took exactly four days for the energy to balance. Second session she felt it. Her blood pressure improved. and the very last one was great. She is feeling much better, in great mood, not stressed out, and smiling. I am reading her better as well. Thank you Wendy for helping us out!"

Can you order Clearing/Removal of Negative Energy for someone else?

The person receiving the service MUST give permission for it unless you are responsible for that person meaning that person is not able to make decisions or is not of sound mind/body.

So you can order for children, or those who don't have the mental capacity to give permission. If you are unsure - use the contact form to ask Wendy.

If the person has not given permission, even if you pay for the service - it will not be done. That is written into the process. A person must want to rid themselves of negativity. There are no refunds so make sure you have permission from the person.

What You Need to Know About This Service...

The service is performed once per day (usually in the evening EST time) for the person named in the order.

If you order the service, please do not write and ask if there was any any negative energy attached to you - if there was, you'll most likely feel the difference.

It can take several days to remove negative energy. If you have this energy throughout your body, it is removed slowly to give you time to adjust to the change in your energy.

The service does not interfere with lessons your Divine Spirit Guides may be teaching you. This is really for those of you who are actively working with Spirit to develop in some way.

Image by Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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What You Need to Know About Ordering this Service:

1. Changing Order Details: Once details are added to your basket, you can't change them. To change something, remove order from cart, fill out fields and submit again.

2. Name and Email Address: Orders are done for the account holder and sent to the account email address unless otherwise detailed on the order.

Click here to read more about how to use any credits you might have.

No refunds.
Wendy guarantees she will perform the process daily. She is not responsible for you opening yourself up to taking on negative energy or if you do not take care of yourself to heal from any damage the energy may have done to you. Each person's result is different. 

If you have ordered this service before and are not sure who Client #1 is then login to your account and click on the "Customer Profile" tab. Scroll down. You'll see any Clients and their Expiry Dates details listed there.

Fill out the following form to add or renew this service for Client #1 and then click the "Add to Basket" button.

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$25.00 CDN plus applicable taxes per month

  • I have been a client of Wendy and Oralin for over 15 years. Having used the energy blockage and removal service since 2020, I have come to recognize when I am feeling out of sorts and in need of the removal service. I definitely noticed a difference when the daily service began. I feel more grounded and at peace. Thank you for offering this service ~ yd.

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