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Learn More About Daily Distance Energy Blockage Clearing & Balancing Sessions

Learn More About Daily Distance Energy Blockage Clearing & Balancing Sessions

All About Focused Sessions for
Distance Energy Blockage Clearing & Balancing

This is a general information page about Distance Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing. This service can be done in the comfort of your own home. The service clears energy blockages that prevent energy flow through the body. When energy flows as it should, the body responds by working at peak performance and that can ensure you enjoy life to the very best of your ability.

The world is going through some extremely upsetting change. There is the pandemic, which has affected pretty much all aspects of life in one way or another. Many have found it very stressful and frightening.

Spiritually, the world has changed and has gone through what is called Ascension. This has affected everyone. As a result, you must take care of your body and deal with issues in your life. You can't ignore issues (physical or emotional) like many have done in the past. You'll "feel" it if you try to do that. This affects both people and animals.


"If I could rate this higher, I would! I first ordered the Energy Blockage & Clearing for Negative Entities and was so happy with the results that I ordered a set for some family members. Some of the symptoms prior to the clearing were, fear based negative thoughts, anxiety, lack of energy, lack of self confidence and self worth and an overall feeling of ill health. Our results were immediate, right away, we had more energy, thoughts were clearer and positive and there was a better outlook on life. If you are not feeling quite like yourself, I would recommend your explore the Energy Blockage and Clearing & Balancing products, they are so worth it! I also used the Archangel Ariel Energy Alignment and Balancing Guided Visualizations with this service and continue to use it on a regular basis. Thank you Wendy for offering these products and services and for sharing your gifts. " ~y, Canada - April 2021

The General Process...

Fill out the order form found at: https://www.oralinlight.com/amember/cart/index/product/id/392/c/ which gives Wendy most of the information she needs and lets her know what type of session you want. You can choose from "pre-defined" issues or define your own (based on your specific symptoms or issues). 

Once you have filled out the Form and payment has been received, Wendy contacts you the next business day (normally Monday thru Friday) to let you know when your sessions will begin and to get any other information she needs.

Wendy works with a Master Healer (the Divine Archangel Azreal - A Divine Being of Light who exists in the Spirit World). During the session, energy blockages that created or contributed to the issue you have selected are removed layer by layer.

Sessions are done daily - no specific time but generally they are done in the early evening. When sessions are done daily, the changes are subtle and gentle so you do not need time to recuperate from the session. You do not have to be resting when the session takes place. You can just live your life as normal.

Small energy blockages might be removed all at once. Larger or denser energy blockages can take several days or even weeks to remove. It is up to the Master Healer what energy blockages are removed as he knows best. 

Once the blockage clearing is done, your energy is then balanced.

You'll be sent an email just before the end of the weeks letting you know the sessions are almost over.  Your email also includes a score from 0 to 10 for "Divine Guidance for Another Session".  The closer your score is to 0, the more beneficial it would be for you to get another session. The closer your score is to 10, the more optional the recommendation is for getting another session.

Master Healer Archangel Azreal is the Being of Light that works in Spirit to ensure the proper clearings are done and he might even share information about your state of Being and if he does Wendy includes whatever is given in the email. 

Can You Order for a Loved One Without Them Knowing About It?

Sessions can be ordered for loved ones. You can tell them about it or not except for sessions removing negative energy or entities - permission must be given for that type of session. If you order sessions for someone and have said the person has given permission for negative energies to be removed, but the person has not given permission understand that sessions will be done, but negative energies won't be removed. Please make sure you have permission from any person requesting the removal of negative energies. These sessions don't interfere with a person's free will or what is meant to be for a life path.

Sessions that do not require negative energy removal do not require permission from the person. So for example, if a loved one has Dementia, you can order sessions for them with or without their permission. 

If the person you want to order the session for does not believe in "spiritual energy", you might prefer to just have the sessions done without actually telling them about it. Don't worry - it doesn't interfere with their spiritual rights. If a person is skeptical or doesn't believe in it, they could put up blockages to prevent getting the full benefits or they might not give you accurate feedback.

Can You Order for an Animal?

You can order for a pet/animal. The process is basically the same with a few minor changes as the animal energy is different from a human energy. You'll receive an email for the session as well with the same details as previously described.

Here is the link to the animal sessions:

Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing for Animals

What to Expect During/After Your Session...

Choose Your Blockage-Be-Gone SessionYou probably won't feel anything when you sessions are being done however, as the days pass you should start to notice a difference in how you feel.

Even though the sessions are gentle, it might be possible for you to feel the session as it is being done especially if you are a strong Empath.

People have described feeling waves of energy. Some get tired. Some get emotional. Some feel heat. Those with negative entities being removed might feel slight pain depending on the size of the entity. Some don't feel anything at all. It is going to be unique to you.

Experiencing the change in energy flow often occurs over a period of days and even weeks. Remember, the changes are subtle, but it depends on the issue being worked on. 


"You say these energy unblocking sessions are not a miracle, I beg to differ. I know you have to make people aware and not expect instant results. Wendy, you and spirit are giving me my life back. These double treatments are phenomenal. I don't know how and what you do, but I thank God you are doing this. Nothing else has worked to alleviate my anxiety and anger. I am thinking more clearly than I have in years. I truly thought I was losing my mind, I was so confused. Thank you and bless you for venturing into unseen spiritual territory. You have basically saved my life. You know I always speak the truth. I just cannot thank you enough." - Leslie, Canada (June 2018)

What are Energy Blockages?

Energy Blockages affect the physical as well as the emotional body. Clearing them ensures the energy flows smoothly allowing the body to function the best that it can!

Every living Being has a spiritual body as well as a physical body. The spiritual body is made up of energy, chi, or qi. Your physical body is a reflection of and is directly connected to your spiritual body or energy. This energy is necessary to life. Your spiritual body or energy can be affected by any or all of the following:

  1. Thoughts/Emotions
  2. Pre-determined Soul Agreements
  3. Physical Events

If a blockage forms in the energy, it interferes with the normal path of energy and ultimately manifests as an imbalance or dis-ease of some type in the physical and/or emotional body.


Negative thoughts can create blockages in the energy. The more intense and repetitive the thoughts, the greater the chance of an energy blockage developing. Thinking a thought once, isn't going to create a blockage. However, having one negative thought repeat over and over again for a period of time can create a blockage.

This means that an event that happens in childhood can create a certain thought pattern that continues over the years and ultimately develops into an issue as a person or animal ages.

Once that blockage develops, the energy flow of the body is disrupted. When a part of the body doesn't have energy going to it, the area that is not receiving it can become negatively affected or other areas of the body could be drained of what is needed to try to balance out what is happening. So a blockage in one area can affect other parts of the body.

Positive thoughts don't create create blockages so to avoid creating any energy blockages, focus on positive, loving thoughts.

Negative emotions go hand-in-hand with negative thoughts. As you experience a negative thought, it typically generates a negative emotion. Negative emotions include anger, hate, jealousy, depression, guilt, sadness, grief, greed, etc. For example, thinking that your parents don't love you can generate many negative emotions - feeling unwanted, sad, or even self-hatred. As you experience those feelings, more negative thoughts are generated, which deepens those unhappy feelings and the process repeats itself over and over again. It becomes a vicious cycle that can ultimately form an energy blockage in the spiritual body.


Pre-determined Soul Agreements...

There are many souls that agree to have a certain ailment - physical or emotional. Some simply want to experience how it affects a soul. Some agree to have the issue to help others to learn. That means that a child could have a physical or emotional ailment because he or she is teaching a parent tolerance or compassion, etc.

Some agree to have a physical or emotional ailment to complete a life lesson or obligation. For example, a person could agree to have cancer so they heal themselves and then write books to help others. It's not about their thoughts or feelings necessarily - it is created on purpose so they have what is needed to complete their spiritual goals.

It's also possible that a person has an issue because it is karmic in nature. This means they are repeating a past life disease or affliction that affected them in at past life and as a result, they stopped progressing as a soul. They are repeating it in this lifetime to resolve the karma.

Each case is unique to that person.

Physical Events...

Of course, many go through physical events such as car accidents, falls, burns, cuts, etc. that damage the energy and the physical body. Know that any physical ailment starts in the spiritual body. Removing blocks from the the spiritual body ensures energy flows better and that directly affects the physical body.

It doesn't matter what causes the blockage in the energy. Removing it definitely allows the energy to flow and when it flows as it should, the physical body starts to function better.


"Thank you Wendy...for the awesome healings you have given me recently for my damaged foot and through the years for the repercussions from my two accidents, not to mention the many "little things" I have managed to do to myself because, well...let's face it...I'm just not that careful lol. Without your healing help I would have been taking painkillers daily...and what was and is able to heal properly did, and does so much quicker with your help. The "in person" healing and the remote healings you have been doing on my foot and my hip have made such a difference for me and made it easier for me to go to work daily and to navigate the stairs where I live. The other night I got up from my desk and walk to my kitchen thinking...hey...everything feels so good right now...and then getting your e-mail when I came back to sit down, telling me you had just finished a healing on me lol...I love it when things like that happen! Thanks again for sharing the gift!" Elaine, Canada - March 2017

"I have glaucoma. I'm blind in one eye and my vision in the other is not good. After the first session, I woke up the next day and found that my vision in my good eye was clearer than it had been for months. That was a surprise, but such a pleasant one!" Lil, Canada - March 2017


How Many Sessions Are Needed?

The number of sessions needed to clear blockages associated with a particular issue varies and is unique to you and is affected by how you live or have lived life. There are too many factors influencing a client's life that can affect how long it takes to clear blockages. Influences can be things like (and these are just a few)...

* eating habits
* stress
* amount of exercise
* amount of rest/sleep
* addictions
* negative thought patterns
* repeating the same ways of living that caused an issue in the first place

So, much as it would be nice to know how many sessions are needed to clear a particular issue - it's just not possible. To help you decide, your email lets you know whether another session is Beneficial or Optional with them being defined as follows...

Beneficial - Clearing the blockages creates an improvement in any aspect of one's life. The Guides are working with the client to improve his or her life. Progress is expected and results should be seen or experienced at some point. There will be times when work is done, but the client won't notice or feel changes, but change is happening. At some point, the client will see or recognize changes happening.

Optional - This is given when blockages are few or many but, don't impact one's life path. It's also possible that the blockages must exist for the client's life experience. It's also possible that there are blockages that should be cleared, but the actions/thoughts of the client recreate the issue so the Guide's choose to make getting another session "Optional". Getting another session would prevent the blockages from building, but not resolve the issue.

There's always work that can be done on a deeper level. A long standing issue could take more sessions to resolve as the blockage might be more intense or there could be blockages in multiple parts of the body. So if someone has had a chronic issue that has gone on for years, it will take longer to clear all the blockages.

Sometimes, it's a matter of habit in that it takes several sessions for a person to fully let go of what is causing the blockage in the first place.

Use your intuition to choose whether to get another session because you'll be drawn to get it if it is beneficial to you or a loved one.

Who or What Can Benefit From Distance Energy Blockage Detection/Clearing?

Distance Energy Blockage Detection/Clearing can be done on any person, animal, plant or living thing and can be focused on any physical or emotional issue. What the service achieves depends on an individual's life path. What is meant to happen and what is allowed to happen is controlled by the Divine. However, if you are drawn to the service, it usually means that you are being guided by Spirit.

It is possible to get Distance Energy Blockage Detection/Clearing for a relative, a friend, a pet - any person or animal. So if you or someone you know is suffering, you might want to try this energy blockage detection and clearing service.

The person that you are getting it for does not need to know they are receiving it. Some people don't believe in energy blockages and if you tell them, they might purposely try to block it or they might lie to you about the results they are experiencing. If you know someone like this, but that person is open to the concept of God, you might tell they that you have put them in a prayer group. This service is based on prayer and working with the the Divine Source of Love and the Master Healer.

This service does NOT replace professional health care, but does work well with them. 
Please remember, this is NOT a healing service. Oralin does not diagnose any issue or guarantee any type of results. It is a spiritually based energy blockage detection and clearing only. It simply removes energy blockages from the various energy channels and bodies which might affect the way one thinks and/or feels. It works well with other modalities.


Oralin and those associated with the Oralin Blockage Detection and Clearing Service do not diagnose or treat diseases or claim to cure ailments and is not responsible for anything any client might experience as a result of receiving a Focused Session. This is an energy blockage detection and clearing service and is not a replacement for other means of healthcare. Click here to read the complete Disclaimer.

Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay

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  • Halloween Message - Very cool!
  • This prayer helped my healing. I was not going in a good direction. Having this service available was an answers to my prayer for help. Thank you Thank you Thank you for providing such a wonderful service Wendy. Hugs CJ.
  • I felt a difference immediately after the first session, heart opening more and I have more energy
  • I thank you so much Wendy for these 3 sessions on finances. I could sense the energies and even had dreams related to my finances. And I know that a lot of blockages was cleared as well. At the second session afterwards I just stop worrying about my finances, like I trust I'm being taken care of. I feel lighter too. I am so grateful unto you, thank you , I definitely recommend these sessions. As it gave me more energy too! Thank you! love & Light Coco xxx
  • Hi Wendy, thank you so much for these sessions, I felt much going on and as we have been having the solar flares more higher then usual it did definitely help with the alignment of the energy and having more confidence in myself. Thank you, I will definitely rest more. Lotsa love and light, Coco
  • Really amazing, Woh! and Woh! Thank you so much Wendy! I felt it each time as soon as you started. As you said even my ear blockage were taken of. I felt it! I would have a little headache, then more energy. The fact that it works was I would have dreams , emotions coming up that has cleared during the days after. Honestly a must. The benefits is just amazing. I just ordered another 3. Can't wait! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Love & Light Coco xxx
  • 3 or 6 Focused Sessions Continuation - Distance Energy Blockage Clearing & Balancing for People ★★★★★ Distance Energy Blockage Clearing & Balancing sessions has helped me to improve my quality of life. I did not feel anything during the sessions, but the improvements are there. Thank you very much Wendy!
  • Thank you Wendy - this message was so confirming as to what I've been feeling in this relationship! And it is a relief to have "permission" to go against long-held beliefs/ patterns of responding. Deb
  • I have had major headaches and pain from a spot on my back/neck that’s been a constant source of frustration for the past 20+ years and it’s gone. The muscle “ball” I have called it is just plain gone. I can fully attribute Wendy for this and am so glad the energy is free in my back and neck again there!! My energy is better, my pain is less. And that’s saying something for someone who has Fibromyalgia:) I cannot wait to do more sessions and with Wendy’s help unblock my body and the energy even more! Healing is a long hard journey and I am so happy to have her help.
  • 3 or 6 Focused Sessions Continuation - Distance Energy Blockage Clearing & Balancing for People ★★★★★

    Distance Energy Blockage Clearing & Balancing sessions has helped me to improve my quality of life. I didnot feel anything during the sessions, but the improvements are there. Thank you very much Wendy!
  • Home #1 - Distance Cleansing and Protection ★★★★★

    This is a MUST HAVE! The negative energy is accumulating in your house. Everyone should do it. Very happy with the service! I was able to feel the difference the very next day. It is hard to explain but a good sense of light and clean air. Something heavy was lifted. Everyone in the house is feeling better Including me. Will ordering more in the future!
  • 3 Focused Sessions for Removal of Negative Entity ★★★★★
    This service is more than 5! Wendy has a very powerful and God given gift. My mom is feeling much, much better. Her sciatica improved greatly. After the first session, she felt everything. It took exactly four days for the energy to balance. Second session she felt it. Her blood pressure improved. and the very last one was great. She is feeling much better, in great mood, not stressed out, and smiling. I am reading her better as well. Thank you Wendy for helping us out!

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