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Weekly Forecast (By Email)

Weekly Forecast (By Email)

If you're looking for some guidance for the upcoming week or insight into the upcoming week - this reading is meant to do just that.

Wendy has selected 7 different messages that are meant to help you to grow spiritually, heal in some way if necessary and/or give you insight into what is coming up for you. Whatever Spirit wants you to know is shared.

It could be that you are told something you already know or do so that is a form of confirmation. It could be encouraging or inspirational. It is meant to make the next week less stressful for you.

Wendy shares whatever Spirit tells her. There is no time or word limit. If you order more than one at a time, they should be sent on the same day one week apart. You can certainly order them one at a time and each is put in the Order Queue and is sent when it is your turn in the Queue.

This forecast includes:

1. What to expect in the upcoming week.
2. What you should be focusing on from a spiritual point of view.
3. What you need to know about the upcoming week.
4. A word that's important for the upcoming week.
5. An affirmation to help you throughout the week.
6. Any changes to your aura/energy taking place.
7. A channeled message from a Being of Light.

Sample forecast:

1. What to expect in upcoming week.

Expect more energy releases coming your way. Expect much of the same as what you have been experiencing, but expect a few more intense releases. You should be feeling your connection to another more strongly and will be learning to deal with the emotions associated with it.

2. What you should be focusing on from a spiritual point of view.

Learn to relax more and to do what needs to be done in a relaxed way. Less pushing of the self. More enjoyment of life. Think of all of the positive outcomes instead of remembering the past which are no longer relevant.

3. What you need to know about the upcoming week.

You are a strong person and you have learned that you can get through anything in life. You don't always have to wait for the other shoe to drop - but rather you can start just living in the beauty that surrounds you and leave the details up to Spirit.

4. A word that's important for the upcoming week.

Relevant - focus on what is relevant and true to your life in the moment. If something is not - push it from your mind. Don't waste time focusing on the "what ifs" or "what was". If you are heading into a "down" moment, ask yourself, "is this relevant?" Ask yourself, "Is this helping me on my path?". "Am I trusting and living what I know to be true or what I believe?" Stay focused in the moment.

5. An affirmation to help you throughout the week.

"I stay focused on what needs to be done and don't create more work for myself. I relax."

6. Any changes to your aura/energy taking place.

More releases are going to be happening. More energy channels are going to be opened to others that play a significant role in your life. Some energy channels are going to be closed off. 

7. A channeled message from a Being of Light

"Each day brings you new ideas and an opportunity to improve your life. You can pick and choose what you wish to keep as part of your life. Not everything is going to work out as you want even if you want it - but, you will be following the path that was set for you and it is better than you can imagine. Take advantage of this time in your life and do what you want to do and what brings you joy. You have earned all that comes your way and make this upcoming week a continuation of what you have been doing and step it up a bit."

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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What You Need to Know About Ordering this Service:

1. Changing Order Details: Once details are added to your basket, you can't change them. To change something, remove order from cart, fill out fields and submit again.

2. Name and Email Address: Orders are done for the account holder and sent to the account email address unless otherwise detailed on the order.

3. Adding This Reading for Another Person: You can order for up to 2 people. To order for more than 2 people, you'll need to pay this order and then submit another order.

4. Bump Order to Top of Order Queue: If you order more than one Week of forecasts, you only need to bump the first one if you want it moved to the top of the Queue. Others will be scheduled to follow. For example, if you order 3 Weekly Forecasts and bump it to the top of the Queue, the first order is done before any non-bumped orders.  The 2nd Weekly Forecast is scheduled to be sent the following week on the same day etc. 

No refunds.

Click here to read more about how to use any credits you might have.

*Wendy asks for information relating to the upcoming week however, it is up to your Spirit Guides and Teachers as to what they share. What you receive could be for a different time line, but it is still "meant to be" for you.

Price Based on Option Chosen plus any applicable taxes

  • Wendy, thank you very much for making this reading available. I have been going through a very intense time and I really have no idea what is going on. This reading really helps me, especially the important word to focus on. When you don't understand what is going on, it is nice that you have something to hold on to. Keep up the good work!

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