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Gift From Your Soulmate Guided Visualization

Gift From Your Soulmate Guided Visualization

If you can daydream or fantasize, you can do this guided visualization!

This is a guided meditation or visualization designed to give the Higher-Self of your Soulmate the opportunity to connect with you. In this session, the soulmate being referred to is your romantic soulmate - your true love!

You'll be given a gift from the Higher-Self of your Soulmate and you'll receive a message from him or her.  You can really have quite the interaction with your Soulmate.

"Whenever I create a guided session, I always do it to make sure it does what it is meant to do and I was blown away by the interaction I had with my Soulmate. I had a deep emotional reaction that completely surprised me. I'll definitely do it again in a few weeks to see what else I receive." -- Wendy

The Higher-Self of your Soulmate is the actual soul of your Soulmate. When you meet your Soulmate in person, you are meeting a part of the Higher-Self.

Doing this guided session is ideal for those of you who:

  • want a fun way to interact with your soulmate
  • have not yet met your soulmate, but want to learn more about him or her
  • think you have met your soulmate and are looking for confirmation
  • are wondering if you have a soulmate in this incarnation
  • need to feel the energy of your soulmate

Once you submit payment, you'll be sent an email with instructions on how to download the guided visualization to your device. Make sure to download and save this guided visualization to your device within 6 months. After that time, it won't be available for you to download. 


Oralin and those associated with the Oralin are not responsible for anything any client might experience as a result of listening to and doing this guided meditation this recording. Always follow your intuition. Click here to read the complete Disclaimer.

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No refunds.

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$15.00 CDN plus applicable taxes
  • I found the Soulmate Gift guided visualization a really awesome experience which I will use again in future! - Deb

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