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4 Week Forecast - Spiritual Lesson (By Email)

4 Week Forecast - Spiritual Lesson (By Email)

Upcoming Spiritual Lesson

Discover what spiritual lesson(s) you'll be exploring
in the upcoming few months. Get a channeled message about it 
from your Spirit Guide/Teacher.

While many of you might hear the words "spiritual lesson" and cringe, with the ascension energy here - that might have changed for you.

Remember that all of the old energy that you no longer need in your body has been removed and you are really "starting fresh" having gone through a re-birth (depending on your spiritual vibration). This means that lessons might not be all that bad. Yes, you might be learning things however, it doesn't mean it's going to be a challenge.

The re-brith brings with it opportunities to learn "good stuff" as well. Wouldn't you rather learn something fun instead of something that made you upset or dread? It is possible!

Now, if you're not at that stage it's also possible the lessons are still a bit of a challenge. However, the ascension energy helps to make the lesson learning faster so you shouldn't go through years or even lifetimes of trying to learn it. The learning curve is much shorter!

This reading is done in the format of "One Word Wonders" so the first two questions "As I continue to develop my spiritual side, what life lesson will I be learning? and "How will learning this lesson change and/or influence my life?" are answered in point form. Then you'll receive a very brief channeled message where Wendy writes down word for word what is shared with her by your Spirit Guide/Teacher. 

Sample Reading:

As I continue to develop my spiritual side, what life lesson will I be learning?

  • to learn to love without fear
  • to open your heart fully to what is given
  • to enjoy love without fear
  • to trust love that is given

How will learning this lesson change and/or influence my life?

  • truly enjoying your life
  • going through various realizations that enhance what you are learning
  • kickstarting changes in business
  • abundance flows
  • laughing till you cry
  • smiling until your face hurts
  • feeling things you haven't ever felt before
  • feeling grateful for your past pain and suffering


"Loving another has been a painful path for you and it is true to say it has not shown you any happiness at all. Love equalled pain. You are going to enter into a new state of Being that allows for love because you have changed and you love yourself. It brings you everything you desire in life and more."

Image by 1820796 from Pixabay

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*Wendy asks for the next 4 to 6 weeks however, it is up to your Spirit Guides and Teachers as to what they share. What you receive could be for a different time line, but it is still "meant to be" for you.

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  • Very positive and uplifting, I really liked this reading.

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