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Personalized Prayer for Upcoming 4 to 6 Weeks (By Email)

Personalized Prayer for Upcoming 4 to 6 Weeks (By Email)

Personalized Prayer for the Upcoming 4 to 6 Weeks

This prayer benefits those of who want to focus on the next month.
This prayer addresses what you need to focus on and what
will best serve you in life during this time period.

Now Wendy knows this sounds strange, but a few years ago a client suggested that she create and sell an eBook of prayers for others to use. Her first thought of course was, "Why would I do that? A person can say their own prayer and don't need me for that."

Then the client said that she found that when she used the prayers Wendy gave her she got better results than if she used prayers that she had created. Wendy thought that was bizarre so she tuned-in to Spirit and asked if that was true and if so, why was that true. 

Surprisingly, she was told that when anyone uses a prayer that she has created, they connect to the energies she is connected to so anyone who has a spiritual vibration that is slower than Wendy's vibration, then has access to a higher level of energy. 

This does not mean Wendy is better than anyone else. You definitely have your own personal connection to the Divine and when you say your own prayer, you definitely get your message through to God and then God then delegates what can and cannot be done. When you do that, you use all of your own connections at your level of vibration.

However, if you use or access the vibration of someone who has a higher vibration than your own, you'll connect automatically to that person's spiritual connections. It's a lot like getting additional knowledge or understanding from someone who knows more than you do. 

So if Wendy's spiritual vibration is higher than yours, you'll have access to that energy and all of its connections and knowledge.

Now if this does not resonate with you - move on. Wendy realizes it sounds weird, but it's all about the energy. I guess you can think about it this way...

The Divine is an energy and we are all part of the energy and that includes Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers, Healers, young souls, old souls - any soul (including those who do evil things). However, each soul has their own personality or skill set and exists at a certain level of energy.

For example, although Jesus is an Ascended Master and has the same energy as the Divine because they resonate at the same level - he still has a personality, energy or skill set that is unique to him. So each Ascended Master will all resonate at the same level, but each also has a unique personality, energy, or skill set.  

You'll see that in your own groups of friends as well. Some friends are great at cooking, playing piano, singing, helping you to see things in a certain way - and some are not. If you need advice, you might go to one friend and stay clear of another. They might all be living and resonating in the same energy, but they are unique.

So that means you have a unique energy as well and you resonate at a specific vibration that exists in the Spirit World. All of the knowledge you typically receive travels through the unique connections you have from those on the Other Side - whoever they may be.

It is naturally easier to access the same level of energy as your own.

To access higher levels of energy and knowledge, one normally meditates to raise their vibration (although there are other things a person can do to raise their vibration).

When you are meditating in a group with those who have a higher vibration than your own, you automatically have access to their energy and connections and thus people in groups normally find they get better results in a group than when meditating on their own.

It's the same when someone comes to Wendy to do a personalized meditation. The person often finds they get better results because they are also using her energy and connections. It's just the way it works.

So it appears it works the same way with prayers. When Wendy creates the prayer, each time you repeat the prayer you have access to different levels of energy than you would normally have access to and that includes access to different Beings of Light.

When requesting a prayer, Wendy tunes-in and channels the prayer she's given that is personalized to your own situation and vibration. So it's not about the words used so much as it is about the energies being accessed.

You'll receive the prayer, how often the prayer should be repeated and how long you should use the prayer before it needs to be changed or no longer used.. Some prayers may only be good for a month and others for the rest of your life. It depends on what the prayer does for you.

There is no word or time limit to what is given. Wendy writes down whatever comes through for your prayer. It could be short and sweet or long and verbose.

Image by Please Don't sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay

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