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Grounding, Energy Alignment & Balancing Guided Visualization

Grounding, Energy Alignment & Balancing Guided Visualization

This is a MUST for everybody. It's extremely important to align the electrical impulses in your body with the Earth.

This is a guided visualization given to Wendy by Archangel Ariel to help groundalign and balance your energy, which is essential for everyone and especially those who consider themselves sensitive to energy such as Empaths, Healers and anyone going through stress.

What is grounding? The act of grounding fixes the electrical impulses in the body so they resonate with the Earth properly. This ensures your aura/energy/spiritual body is strong and enhances the body's ability to heal itself.

If you are not grounding, it can affect your body, You can find that you get ill easier and suffer from aches and  pains because the energy is not flowing as it should. It can affect your sleep patterns and even your ability to remember your dreams.

When you are not grounded, you are more susceptible to negative emotions and attracting negativity into your life. So experiencing ups and downs in emotions would be typical.

Doing this guided session is beneficial for all, but is essential for those who:

  • don't spend a lot of time in nature
  • live in apartments or homes where you can't enjoy being outside when you can put your bare feet on the grass
  • have a high spiritual vibration and are sensitive to the energies and emotions of others

It is recommended that you do it daily with breaks as needed. Follow your intuition.

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