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Prices are in Canadian Dollars. GST/HST taxes added at Checkout for Canadian Residents. Prices subject to change without notice at any time.

Phone or Chat Reading/Support

Phone or Chat Reading/Support

If you have had phone, zoom, messenger or chat readings with Wendy in the past - you can contact her to make an appointment. She is not accepting new clients for this method of doing readings at this time.

In light of the current circumstances worldwide, Wendy is now doing readings and support (which includes some training if necessary) by phone, zoom phone, skype phone, messenger phone or messenger chat.

It is recommended that you write down any questions you want to know in order of importance to ensure you don't miss asking something. It is better to make the questions specific rather then general because it cuts down on the time it takes for Wendy to receive and interpret the information.

To get a reading:

* Fill out the Appointment Form at https://form.jotform.com/92375955662268 to request a day and time for your reading. Wendy is in the EST time zone. Make sure to agree to the Terms detailed.

* Once Wendy confirms the day/time, pay for the number of minutes you want for your reading by changing the Quantity to the number of minutes desired. Readings are $3.00 CDN per minute plus GST/HST for Canadian clients. If you do not use all of the time, Wendy refunds the difference. 

* You are responsible for calling Wendy on the day and time of the appointment at 519-415-5511. Additional charges from your phone/internet provider may occur, but Wendy only charges for the minutes used or the No Show fee if appicable. The reading time starts as soon as you begin your phone, skype phone, zoom phone or messenger phone or chat call.

* The timer is set for the number of minutes paid for and when the time is up, Wendy will tell you time is up. If you want to continue or add more time, let her know and you can make your payment and then continue with the reading. 

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What You Need to Know About Ordering this Service:

1. Changing Order Details: Once details are added to your basket, you can't change them. To change something, remove order from cart, fill out fields and submit again.

2. Name and Email Address: Orders are done for the account holder and sent to the account email address unless otherwise detailed on the order.

No refunds for time used or no-fee charge. You will be refunded for any minutes you have paid for but have not used.

Click here to read more about how to use any credits you might have.

$3.00 per minute (plus any applicable taxes)

  • Hi Wendy,

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for the spiritual consult. I love that you really listen and as well, the effortless flow of information you provide - the latter tells me Spirit is with you - true connection.

    You and your guides confirmed how I’ve been feeling regarding my experiences and provided helpful insights on some of my spiritual practices.
    Additional information and advice given will definitely be useful in guiding and moving me onwards in my spiritual journey.

    You and your guides provide priceless, spot on advice and guidance. “I’ll be back!” 😊

    Love, Praise and Gratitude,

  • My reading was a real wake up call that I wasn't expecting, but evidently needed. Wendy is always 💙 ❤ is always spot on and very honest. Thank you Wendy.

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