Change of Season Focus - Choose 1, 2, 3 or 5!

Change of Season Focus - Choose 1, 2, 3 or 5!

A new season is about to start and it should be an interesting one! It's certainly not going to be "the norm" considering the Coronavirus pandemic and the state of the world. It's affecting everyone in some way whether it's emotionally, physically or even intellectually. If you haven't had a chance to listen to the channeled message on why it is happening from a spiritual perspective, you might want to give it a listen at

Life still goes on though and we can still enjoy the change of season and what it brings to us! This special is all about the focus of the change in season - whether you are changing from Winter to Spring or Summer to Fall.

You can choose the area of focus you want to know about and Wendy will share with you whatever comes through from Spirit - no time or word limit.

You get to choose how many focuses you want to know about...

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Pick 1 Focus for $20.00 CDN
Pick 2 Focuses for $35.00 CDN
Pick 3 Focuses for $45.00 CDN or
Pick 5 Focuses for $60.00 CDN.

These are the focuses from which you can choose:

1. A word that influences your change of season and why it is significant to you.
2. What you can expect your emotions/state of mind to be like during your change of season.
3. What Spirit Guide is going to be around you and why during your change of season.
4. What positive event can you expect to happen during your change of season.
5. What new beginning is expected for your change of season.
6. What spiritual lesson is coming into play or plays an important role during your change of season.
7. What past life is going to be affecting you in this change of season.
8. What Spirit Animal Guide is going to around you and why during your change of season.
9. A Channeled Message from a Being of Light significant to your path regarding your change of season.
10. What change of a spiritual nature is going to take place during your change of season.
11. A change you can implement to benefit your path.

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