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Channeled - Your Spirit Guide Wants You To Know This... (By Email)

Channeled - Your Spirit Guide Wants You To Know This... (By Email)

Sometimes, it's comforting to hear from your Spirit Guide, Spirit Teacher, Guardian Angel, Angel or the Being of Light and Love that wants to share something they feel you need to know for your path.

It could be anything - words of encouragement, information about the upcoming weeks, something about someone important to your life path, ways to improve your life ... anything. This is your opportunity to receive a channeled message from that Being of Light that wants to connect with you at this time.

Wendy describes the Being of Light that comes through - how they appear or whatever comes through and then writes down word for word the message that is meant specifically for you. There is no word limit or time limit.

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  • I recognised my spirit guide immediately. The way she portrayed herself to Wendy was exactly how I have always felt my living (spirit in life) to be. She just had to remind me that no matter what jaded me in this lifetime, my spirit was still one and the same and I should return to that.
    Very happy with Wendy's translation of the message for me.
  • Anonymous
  • It was a great message that woke me up.
  • Message from my guide was right on. What was said, I totally agreed with.

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