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Series 1 - Channeled Messages from Soulmate, Next Love or Current Love (By Email)

Series 1 - Channeled Messages from Soulmate, Next Love or Current Love (By Email)

It's always insightful to get information from the Higher-Self of your Soulmate (SM), Next Love (NL) or Current Love Interest (CLI).

This is a channeled reading which means two things...first of all, this is a draining reading for Wendy because she is connected to the Higher Self of you Soulmate so it take quite a bit of energy for her to do these types of readings and secondly, Wendy says a prayer and connects to the Higher-Self or spiritual part of your Soulmate, Next Love, or Current Love Interest and asks him or her the questions you choose to have answered. 

The Higher-Self is NOT the physical part of your Soulmate, Next Love or Current Love Interest. The Higher-Self has a deeper understanding of both you and him or her in this incarnation. 

Choose from the following questions...

  1. Why is it so important for your SM, NL or CLI to be with you in this incarnation?
  2. How does your SM, NL or CLI feel on special occasions living in his/her current circumstances?
  3. How does your SM, NL or CLI feel when he/she is around you when you are in your relationship?
  4. Your SM, NL or CLI shares what he/she wants the two of you to accomplish during your relationship.
  5. Your SM, NL or CLI shares what he/she wants for your future together.
  6. Your SM, NL or CLI shares his/her expectations from you in the relationship.
  7. What does your SM, NL or CLI want from your relationship together?

She writes down whatever comes through for you about this question. No word or time limit however, it is normally around a paragraph of up to 10 sentences - that's an estimate as she does not know what your Soulmate, Next Love or Current Love is going to want to share until she does the reading.

Read more about how Wendy does readings.  See the Order Queue. (Opens in another window)

What You Need to Know About Ordering this Reading:

* Changing Order Details: Once details are added to your basket, you can't change them. To change something, remove order from cart, fill out form and submit again.

* Name and Email Address: Orders are done for the account holder and sent to the account email address unless otherwise detailed on the form.

* Adding This Reading for Another Person: To order for another person, you'll have put through a separate order - you can't add it to this order.

* If you're in a hurry, you can also choose to "Bump" this reading to the top of the Order Queue for an additional fee. "Bumps" are done on a first in, first out basis.

No refunds.

Price Based on Option Chosen plus any applicable taxes

  • When I received the message from my Next Love, I was elated! It was so exciting to have a message that filled my heart with joy. I was dancing on air. I always see the future as bright, no matter what. Wendy’s channeled message made it much brighter and I can’t stop smiling.
  • The reading was amazing and really touched my heart. Thank you Wendy!
  • I have been coming to Wendy for guidance for over Ten years and while at the time I get the reading I might not always understand the message, but I have learned to "Just Give It Time" it will all come to pass and make perfect sense. I trust her guidance. Thank you for your dedication to spirit. RB

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