Achieve Your Ideal Body Weight - "Top Priority" - Physical

Achieve Your Ideal Body Weight - "Top Priority" - Physical

Note: While there are several affirmations included in this session that might help you deal with this issue, know that the session is not limited to those affirmations. What is needed for the focus of this narrative will be cleared. The affirmations are used to give you a focal point if you are using the session as a meditation.

Focus of this Narrative:

Use this Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing Session to help you to achieve your ideal weight. Also keep in mind that the "Top Priority" Physical and "Top Priority" Emotional are meant to work together as the emotional issues usually affect the physical issues. Listen to them one right after the other listen or on alternate days. 

This focus of this narrative is to remove blockages in the physical body affecting your ability to achieve your ideal weight. It focuses on energy blockages that were created during this lifetime.

To learn more about Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing, click and download this pdf.

Do you...

  • want to be healthier
  • want to lose or gain weight
  • follow a weight control plan but are not getting the results desired
  • want to feel your best
  • want something that fits easily into your schedule

The narrative is super easy to use and very gentle. Just listen to it at any time. You don't even have to relax and focus on what is being said although you certainly can. You just need to have it playing in the background while you do other things. You can even play it before going to sleep.

Download* it to your computer so you have it to use at any time in the future. It's set up to last your lifetime.

All of the narratives in this series work well together to address various types of blockages affecting your ability to lose or gain weight. Create you own library of Blockage Clearing and Balancing Sessions. That way, you'll have what you need on hand at any time.

Recommended Add-Ons:

Any other narrative in this series.
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Daily Distance Home or Work Space Cleansing & Protection

*Once you order this session, you'll be able to download the session to your device. There is a limit of 10 downloads to each purchase.

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