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Welcome to Oralin™

Tools & Resources for Empaths, Sensitives & Those Looking to Better Understand Their Lives & Inner Gifts

We are all now living in what is known as the ascension energy! This new universal energy promotes healing, living your truth and living in harmony with others. If you didn't already know it, this new energy makes you an Empath or Sensitive to some degree.

Being an Empath or Sensitive means you feel the energy of people, places, animals and any living thing. You can also feel, see, or sense those who live in the Spirit World, but are not visible to the physical eye.

This energy can also create havoc in your life, make you feel easily overwhelmed, make you feel like you don't belong or can't achieve what you desire in life. It's normal to also want to help others and/or change the world for the better.

Wendy's desire is to share knowledge so you can better understand your life. She offers tools and techniques that are practical, convenient and easy to use.

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You can participate - share your experiences, answer questions, meet others who are like-minded in a private community!

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It's time to reap the benefits of living in Divine Light...

You're now living in the new ascension energy and everything has changed! Yes, this universal energy IS different from the energy we lived in prior to 2012. If you were developing your abilities or connecting to Spirit before - many rules have changed too...

~ How the universal energy affects your body, mind, and life has changed.
~ Your spiritual or psychic abilities have probably surfaced or changed.
~ When you sleep, you dreams have most likely changed.
~ Maybe you've discovered or already know you are an Empath or Sensitive and are taking on the feelings of others and don't understand how to handle it and that certainly changes your life.
~ If you meditate, your meditations have probably been taken to a new level.
~ Your relationships and interactions with others might have changed in some way.
~ You might also be feeling forced to make changes that improve your life.

If you were brought to this show, you're meant to expand your awareness and understanding of living your life so it can bring you inner peace and happiness most of the time.

While it would be great to say we can achieve inner peace and happiness all of the time, we all have lessons and challenges to overcome - but it would be really beneficial to limit how long these lessons and challenges last and the amount of stress they bring to our lives.

"The ascension energy has settled and now things are really going to change. We are already seeing the increase in world-wide negativity and that is only going to increase. Choose to connect to the Golden Kingdom Earth - a positive energy planet of ascending Beings. Even if you are not yet ascended, you can still access the energy during meditation and sleep and it will help guide you and heal your life. To help you deal with the changes, you'll need a private space where you can share your experiences with like-minded Empaths and you can get that in The Empaths, Ascension & Psychic Stuff Community! Join today." - Wendy

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Just know that the door has been opened and trust you'll be led to what is needed.

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