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Welcome to Oralin™ for Life-Changing Tools & Resources!

Practical, convenient, easy to use products & services that give you results.

End suffering & feeling lost or stuck in life with spiritual tools, techniques & knowledge. 

Understand life from a spiritual perspective and learn to work with your own inner gifts.

Start transforming any darkness you experience into light now!

Upcoming Live Shows...

~Understanding Anxiety from a Spiritual Perspective
~How to Embrace the Fear
~How Spirit Makes Sure You Have the Experiences Necessary (Controls Things)
~ Adapting to Today's World from a Spiritual Perspective
~ Understanding Souls and the Decisions/Choices They Make
~ Getting the Most From Your Meditations or Communication with Spirit.
~ Should You Listen to Those in Spirit?

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Wendy's Wisdom for Living in the Light Live Show
Next Live Show!

Come join the next live show on Thursday, September 10th at 11 am EST time.

Topic for Discussion: Examining Your Spiritual Connection with a Pet

Many of you have pets or have been around animals that are special to you. What spiritual type of experiences have you had with a pet or animal? Do you have a spiritual connection or bond with those animals? Why are you with that particular animal? Does that pet have a "life contract" with Spirit Guides like humans? Join in this show to share your thoughts and listen to what others have to say about it.

Download the podbean app to any Android or iOS device and on the day of the show, create your free Podbean account or login to your Podbean account and click on the "LIVE" show icon. Find our show and click on it to join.

You can call in too (using any headphones) or type in the chat room. Share your experiences and maybe learn something new. See you there!

Just know that the door has been opened and trust you'll be led to what is needed.

Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light

Wendy has decided to change the Diary slightly to make it easier to access! I'm sure many of you will be happier with that decision. She shares her experiences and insight with those who want change their lives for the better, heal themselves if necessary, and make the world a place of peace and harmony. It's casual, sometimes funny and hopefully enlightening in some way. New entries are always being added so make sure to visit daily!

Oct.~22 Oct.~19 Oct.~16 Oct.~14 Oct.~13 Oct.~12 Sept.~30
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Become a Patron and Support the Show

If you enjoy the podcasts and live shows or simply want to support the work I'm doing, consider becoming a Patron by making a Monthly or One-Time Contribution.

You don't have to be developing your abilities or be interested in this subject matter - you might just enjoy helping others make their dreams come true.

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$6.00 US Monthly Patron: Rewards include a thank you email, a listing on our Patron's page, an invite to any "Patron Only" Live Shows, a shout-out on the Wendy's Wisdom channel (thank you plays at the beginning of shows for a few days)) and access to any Wendy's Wisdom shows that have "extra or new info" from non-patron shows. Learn more/join now. (opens in new page)

One-Time Contribution Patron: Leave a tip of $1.00 or more or make a more significant contribution to help fund the shows and/or the knowledge I'm sharing that could help others on their path. Receive rewards based on your contribution! Click to see the "One-Time Contribution Token of Appreciation Rewards List" and/or to make a contribution....

Don't want to be a monthly contributor or make a one-time contribution? You can still support Oralin and in the process help yourself and/or loved ones.
Build your own Resource/Tools Library for Well-Being and Development!

By purchasing any of the products and services from Oralin you'll also be supporting the business.

Trying different tools and techniques gives you the opportunity to discover your likes and dislikes and what resonates with you! How you enjoy connecting to Spirit is most likely different from someone else. You might like guided meditations, healing others and wearing crystal jewelry and someone else might not. It's okay to be you.

Wendy is truly thankful of any type of support. She hopes you'll make use of the tools and techniques offered to gain personal and spiritual knowledge, insight, a sense of well-being and perhaps you'll find your life becomes less stressful and bit easier.

Specials and Featured Products & Services

Readings allow you to communicate with those in Spirit who want to help or contact you whether it is a Spirit Guide, a Spirit Teacher, a Guardian Angel, an Archangel, an Angel, a Master, or even a loved one that has passed on.

Readings or Spiritual Support helps you to gain insight into your life, to heal, to feel connected to the Divine, to understand your spiritual gifts and experiences, etc.

~ Reading Queue (opens in new window) - List of all readings waiting to be done, scheduled to be done and completed.
~ Readings FAQ - Top questions and "need to know" info about readings.
~ Getting the Most Accurate Reading - How to prepare for your reading, how Wendy prepares and understanding how readings by email are possible.

Help has arrived!Updated: Oct. 20
Halloween Special! Your Costume for the Upcoming Year! (By Email)
~ Click to see all specials or new additions now!

It's that time of the year again! Halloween is a time for costumes and candy. This reading is all about the costume, but you can certainly read it while munching on some candy! This is such a fun reading. You'll discover what costume you'll be wearing for the upcoming year. This costume symbolizes "the theme" of the upcoming year in some way. It might be a costume that illustrates what the upcoming year in general holds for you. It could be specific to a particular event that's planned for your life path, but that event impacts your life so strongly that it creates a memory of how you remember the year. ~ Read more or order now.

Get rid of past energy influencing you.Updated: Oct. 20
How Do Others See You? (By Email)
~ Click to see all specials or new additions now!

We all wear masks or costumes year round. How we present ourselves to others is not necessarily what we are feeling on the inside or the image we want others to see. Those who are Empaths know that all too well. If you are an Empath or Sensitive, you'll often feel that a person isn't showing you their true self or something doesn't "feel right" to you. That's because you are sensing a different energy. You are sensing the truth of who they are on the inside or maybe even past life energy. Do you ever wonder how others see you? You might not even realize how you show or present yourself to others. So how do others "see" you? ~ Read more or order now.

Meet Wendy Kay...
Meet Wendy

Well hello there! I'm so glad you found my site although I'm sure you were guided to find it. Chances are, my site is going to have something you need.

I guess I should tell you a wee bit about myself.

Let's see...I guess one of the things that you need to know (and I consider this pretty important) is that all of the information that I share with you is based on my personal research and experiences. I don't just read something somewhere or watch a video by someone and immediately start sharing it on my site.

What I share with you comes from over 35 years of studying, researching, practicing and living what I've been taught by communicating with Spirit. Read More

What do You Need to Improve Your Life?

The Oralin Store has lots of goodies (and is always adding more) to help you improve your quality of life, decrease stress, expand your awareness, develop your abilities, and connect to and understand how Spirit influences your life. Check back often to see what's new and make sure to join the mail list.

Below are some common issues from clients and a few product and service suggestions that have been known to help give insight or resolve the issue. It's not a complete list. but a starting point so if you are not sure, contact Wendy for suggestions specific to you.

Help..."I feel confused, lost, alone, frustrated...I need insight or guidance into a life issue or problem and want to know more about my future!

When you have a problem, connect to Spirit for insight! You'll often be given guidance, inspiration or encouragement. Spirit may try to help you see the issue from a new or different perspective. Sometimes, you'll just receive confirmation that all is well and you are on the right path.

Help has arrived! If you are wondering about your future then connecting to Spirit can be very helpful. You can be given clues about it or be told of upcoming events. You might be given guidance on helping you to achieve your hopes and dreams. Sometimes, you'll just get a sense of peace that allows you to release all that worry and stress and to just take one day at a time.

A little understanding goes a long way. You'll know that you are not alone and that Spirit is walking the path with you.

Help..."I feel stuck - nothing is happening in my life or the same lousy things keep happening to me."
Get rid of past energy influencing you.

It's awful when you have experiences that make you think "why does this keep happening to me?" You can feel like you are repeating the past or the same patterns in life. You might not see things changing. This often leads to feeling a loss of control or free will. What you want or desire in life seems like it is never going to happen. Often, that type of experience comes from resolving karma or learning a life lesson. It can be very frustrating.

Help..."I have health issues that traditional medicine isn't helping - is there anything I can do?".

While traditional medicine certainly has it's place in healing, you might want to try another method to help improve or resolve an issue. It's possible that what you are experiencing could be coming from an energy blockage. When the energy in your physical, emotional or spiritual body has a blockage then your energy becomes unbalanced. This means some areas of the body get more energy than they should and some don't get any possibly resulting in physical ailments, pain, and dis-ease or emotional and mental issues. Keeping the energy pathways flowing helps you achieve the best quality of life possible. Blockage clearing and balancing is not a replacement for traditional medicine but can certainly work well with it.

Blockages are created by repetitive negative thought patterns, surgery, accidents, eating poorly or not taking proper care of yourself, stress, etc. Even if you resolve an issue, the energy (thoughts, emotions) that you had while working through the issue can still be influencing you because they still exist in your personal energy or even the energy in your home. It's time to clear those old energies out and start fresh!

Help..."My home feels heavy. I hear banging or strange noises in my home. I often feel depressed, angry, scared, have negative thoughts and often have headaches, neck/shoulder/back pain. I've even had nightmares where I'm being attacked or really bad things happen".
Help has arrived!

Contrary to some beliefs, the Divine does not want you to suffer and you do not have to prove your faith by suffering.

The Divine loves you as you are without judgment. If you think you need to suffer to please the Divine - that's your own belief/choice or someone else trying to convince you of that. Take action to live in peace and harmony.

Have you ever wondered, "What is wrong with me - why can't I feel happier?" If you are self-critical or having bad thoughts about yourself or others and it's been happening for a while then it's possible you have negative energy around you that needs to be removed. Some people even say to themselves, "Is there a a negative entity attached to me?"

If you just got "the chills" or felt icky, after reading that then you most likely have negativity that is influencing you.

It's extremely important to walk in the light and to choose a path of love and that starts by making sure you are not attached to any negativity. You need to ensure that your aura, home and workspace is as free from negative energy as possible. It can make huge differences to your life and how you and others around you feel and act.

Now, if you've started to feel frightened or tense...relax. It's nothing to freak out about and is typically easy to fix. You just need to take action.

"Help...I want to develop my psychic gifts, but don't know how or I'm not sure I'm doing things right. I don't understand some of the things I'm experiencing".

Development is fun but it can be daunting. There is sooooo much to learn and there are so many people sharing their techniques - who do you trust? It's something you need to take seriously because when you work with Spirit and energy, what you do and how you do it influences your experiences, what type of progress you can make on your path and what type of communication you'll have with Spirit.

Heavenly GuidanceIf you are just starting to develop, you want to ensure you are doing things right and have access to someone who has walked the path and can share knowledge that is going to benefit you.

If you have been developing for a while and are having unusual experiences, you might just need confirmation that you what is happening to you is what is supposed to be happening to you. Doing something incorrectly can limit your progress. Developing your connection to Spirit decreases stress and gives you guidance any time you need it. Strengthening your own connection to Spirit by developing your own spiritual gifts is an invaluable tool that benefits you for the rest of your life.

Just know that the door has been opened and trust you'll be led to what is needed.

Heavenly Guidance
Why Have You Been Led to Oralin?

Ah, you've been guided to find us! That means we have something to offer you that will improve or change your life in some way.

Nobody likes to suffer or feel lost in life. Walking a path that feels dark because you just don't know what to do to change things for the better is a horrible feeling. Maybe you just lack a little knowledge that could allow you to spread your wings and soar to new heights.

You have the opportunity to access tools to add light to your life and push out any darkness. All of products and services offered lead to further enlightenment. You might need spiritual counseling for insight. Maybe a bit of encouragement or inspiration would be beneficial to you at this time in your life. A little knowledge or "how to" training/coaching can vastly change your life path.

Just know that the door has been opened and trust you'll be led to what is needed.

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